How to Choose an Attorney After a Personal Injury

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Choosing the right attorney after an injury is an important decision. Your attorney will advise and counsel you through every step of your case. This normally starts with an initial consultation, giving you an opportunity to meet your potential attorney. Once you choose an attorney, they will guide you through negotiations and litigation if necessary. It is important to choose an attorney who understands YOU and will fight for YOU.

In Michigan, there are near endless options for personal injury attorneys, but not all offer the same experienced, compassionate, and relentless advocacy you deserve.

Here are some important factors to consider when choosing an attorney to fight for your rights.


This may be the most important factor when choosing an attorney after an injury. It is important for your attorney have experience with personal injury cases, whether it be a car accident, dog bite, slip and fall, or rental property injury. A tax attorney, or estate planning attorney may be highly skilled in their area of practice but does not mean they are best suited to represent you after a serious injury. Making sure your attorney has the RIGHT experience for your case is important.


Your attorney should be clear and communicate with you frequently. In Michigan, Attorneys are ethically obligated to keep their clients informed through every step of their case. Technology allows attorneys to communicate with their clients easier than ever before. Phone, text, email, and mail are all methods of communication your attorney should use to keep you informed and up to date on your case.

Client Focused Representation

Your attorney should provide you with excellent representation focusing on YOUR needs and the outcome YOU deserve. Whether it be traveling to you for an initial consultation, meeting with you on video chat, or taking the time to analyze your case is what you deserve and are entitled to.


Honesty, compassion, relentless motivation. These principles are fundamental to the best attorneys. Your attorney must be honest with you and always inform you of the good news or bad news. Your attorney must be able to understand what you are going through and provide you with the counsel and attention you need after a personal injury. An attorney must be relentlessly motivated to fight for YOUR rights and obtain the outcome YOU deserve.

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